• The Egyptian militant group Ajnad Misr claimed responsibility on Saturday for a blast that killed one police officer in Cairo.   The bomb exploded in Cairos Lebanon Square on Friday night, killing the officer and wounding another. Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, said in a statement on an Islamist website that its militants had monitored a police checkpoint in the square before
  • Leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi officially submitted his bid on Saturday to run for Egypts presidency, making him the second candidate for next months election alongside former army-chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is widely expected to win.   The election is due to start on May 26-27. Sabahi, who heads a political alliance called the Popular Current, was a member of parliament during
  • Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the independence veteran in power for 15 years, won re-election on Friday with more than 80 percent of a vote opponents dismissed as fraud to keep an ailing leader in power.   Bouteflika had cast his vote sitting in a wheelchair on Thursday in what was a rare public appearance since suffering a stroke last year that raised questions about stability
  • Qatar's bourse continued to outperform the region on Thursday but failed to break through major technical resistance. Ahli United Bank lifted Bahrains stock market on news it might be sold or merge.   The Doha bourse closed up 0.8 percent at 12,551 points, retreating from an intra-day peak of 12,679 points, the highest level since September 2005. It faces chart resistance at 12,637 points,
  • Egypt's bourse continued a leg up which started on Monday, adding 0.7 percent, largely on the back of two stocks. Shares in investment firm Pioneers Holding jumped 9.9 percent as the company prepared to publish its quarterly earnings, which are due between April 16 and 23 according to Thomson Reuters data. Earlier this month, the company posted a 37 percent increase in net profit for last
  • An Egyptian court has ordered 120 of former president Mohamed Morsi with jail 3 years, accusing the Brotherhood of imprisonment of three years and acquitted six others, after they were arrested a the area of ​​Dokki, during the clashes that took place on the anniversary of the celebration of 6 October last
  • The Egyptian military spokesman Ahmed Ali said Wednesday that the explosions heard this afternoon surroundings Giza Governorate came as a result of some of aircrafts which penetrated the turnpike sound during the implementation of training activity for the Air Force. "Through his official social networking site "Facebook", Ali added that "the military confirms that there is no reason to worry or
  • The Egyptian Criminal Court has ordered to release pro-Brotherhood leader of Wasat party Abul-Ela Madi in the case of incitement to kill demonstrators on bail 10 thousand
  • Ahram OnlineThe Constitution Party has announced its official support for the presidential campaign of Nasserist politician Hamdeen Sabahi.The liberal party's leader, Hala Shukrallah, made the announcement at a press conference attended by Sabahi on Wednesday morning.Shukrallah had previously stated the party would support the candidate whose programme most closely matched the goals of the
  • Ahram OnlineThe Egyptian Al-Azhar's Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb has received an invitation from Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to give a speech on peace and violence at the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony, taking place in Brazil in July.El-Tayeb was handed the invitation on Tuesday by Brazil's ambassador in Cairo, Marco
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Day Experience

Bedouin Safari in the Sinai

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A New Definition of Technicolor Mountains, deserts, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters all come together to form the magical landscapes one can witness in the Sinai Peninsula, especially in Dahab. A Bedouin Safari is the only and most exciting way to explore the heart of the Sinai desert.

Alexandria Opera House

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Also known as the Sayed Darwish Theatre, since it has been named after the famed Egyptian singer and composer who put music to the Egyptian anthem “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady”, the Alexandria Opera House is a small but amazing cultural venue of the Pearl of the Mediterranean. In 2000,

Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque

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Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi is Alexandria’s largest mosque; with a cream coloured façade, four great domes, arabesque designs and a high minaret, the mosque is a beautiful sight. Built in 1775 to commemorate the life of an Andalusian Sheikh that was buried on the site, it is one of the

Al-Azhar Mosque

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And the World's Oldest University Located at the heart of Islamic Cairo, the Al-Azhar complex, mosque and university, does not only house the oldest university in the world but it is also the place where the graduation black gowns originated from. The costume worn by students all around the

Abu-Simbel Temples

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site Prepare to be blown away by the magnificence of these temples. They are undisputedly one of the world's most breathtaking monuments, and Egypt’s second most visited touristic site, the Pyramids of Giza being on the top of the list. The relocation of the

Live @ Egypt

The people & culture

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The people : Egypt is home to a multicultural society. Ethnic Egyptians constitute 95% of Egypt's total population whereas Egypt's minorities include Nubians, Berbers (Siwa Oasis), Bedouins, Arabs, Turks, and Greeks, additionally to small tribal communities: the Bejas and Doms. The former

Before Your Trip

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Embarking on a trip to Egypt is an exciting experience as there is almost no end to the possible activities and sights that await you. Whether you are heading to the sandy location of the Great Pyramids or the underwater cities of coral in the Red Sea, there are a number of things you should

The Country

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The Country :   Dating back to 1958, the current flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt is the country’s symbol of independence. The flag consists of three superposed rectangles, black white and red, each having a specific significance, and bears at its centre a golden eagle, the

When & Where To Go ?

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When to go ? The best time to visit Egypt depends on where you want to go. Generally speaking, winter (December to February) is the tourist high season and summer (June to August) is the low season in all parts of the country except on the coasts, and to a lesser degree in Cairo. Hotel prices

About Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian history is a long and complex one with more than 3,000 years of details.  Throughout these 3,000 years, ancient Egyptians lived under about 30 dynasties, with each dynasty being based on the lineage of the kings/pharaohs.  Throughout all these years, the

What To Do ?

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From iconic pyramids and medieval bazaars, to natural beauty and a vibrant contemporary culture, Egypt is a land packed with captivating treasures. The pyramids at Giza - the sole survivors of the seven ancient wonders - the lotus-columned Temples of Luxor and Karnak, sunrise across the Valley of

During Your Trip

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Most of Egypt tourists describe their trip to Egypt as an overwhelming experience: the culture, the nature, the sights, the history, the people, the lifestyle, the cuisine… It is truly a unique experience and for it to be perfect, there are some things you need to know. Whether

Where to Eat


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Aqua Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, 1089 Corniche El Nil, Garden City Down Town 2791 68 76   Highlights: Sushi buffet (Tues.) Lobster & caviar night (Thur.)

La Maison Blanche

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The First Mall, 35 El Giza St., 2nd FloorGiza 3570 02 10 / 05  Category: International, Ethnic Cuisine: French Opening hours: 1PM - 12:30AM Price range:

Dar El Amar Terrace

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 Dar El Amar Terrace Oasis Boutiques, Sheraton Bldgs.Heliopolis 017 310 99 99  Category: Middle Eastern, Oriental Cuisine: Lebanese Opening hours: Noon - 3AM

Lan Tania

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 Lan Tania Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers, Cairo, Uruba St.Heliopolis 2267 77 30 / 40  Highlights: Open kitchen Category: Far Eastern & Asian Cuisine: Thai

35 Lounge Bar

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  35 Lounge Bar 35 El Giza St. (beside The First Mall Entrance) Giza 3573 85 00   Highlights: Sushi Category: International, Ethnic Cuisine:


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Africano 10 Mohamed El Mahdy St. (off Nabil El Wakkad St.), Ard El Golf Heliopolis 2414 70 78   Highlights: "Hatari" paella Category:

Abou El Sid

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    Abou El Sid Citystars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St., Phase 1, 6th Floor Heliopolis 2480 22 31   Highlights: Themed décor Category: Middle Eastern,

Oak Grill

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Conrad Cairo, 1191 Corniche El NilDown Town 2580 84 40  Highlights: Oak-smoker oven Category: International, Ethnic Cuisine: Grill Opening hours:

Buddha Bar

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  Buddha Bar Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah, 3 El Thawra Council St. Down Town 2737 37 37   Highlights: Sushi Category: Far Eastern & Asian

Where to Stay

Iberotel Luxor

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Description Location. Iberotel Luxor is located in Luxor, close to Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, and Karnak. Nearby points of interest also include Colossi of Memnon and Ramesseum.

Mercure Romance Alexandria

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Description Location. Mercure Romance Alexandria is located in Alexandria, close to Stanly Bridge, Royal Jewellery Museum, and Alexandria University. Additional area points of

Havana Hotel Cairo

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Description Location. Havana Hotel Cairo is located in Giza s Giza - Pyramids neighborhood, close to Cairo Tower, Coptic Museum, and Egyptian Museum. Nearby points of interest also

Sheraton Cairo Hotel Towers amp Casino

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Description Location. Sheraton Cairo Hotel, Towers & Casino is located in Giza s Giza - Pyramids neighborhood, close to Cairo Opera House, Cairo Tower, and Egyptian Museum. Nearby

Menfi Beach Resort

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Description Location. Menfi Beach Resort is located on the beach in Menfi and attractions in the region include Selinunte. Property Features. This Menfi property has a private

Il Vigneto Resort

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Description Location. Il Vigneto Resort is located in Menfi and local attractions include Selinunte. Hotel Features. Il Vigneto Resort features a restaurant. Room service is available during limited hours.

King Hotel Dokki

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Description Location. King Hotel Dokki is located in Giza s Giza - Pyramids neighborhood, close to Cairo Opera House, Cairo Tower, and Egyptian Museum. Nearby points of interest

The Karvin Hotel

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Description Location. The Karvin Hotel is located in Cairo s Heliopolis neighborhood, close to City Stars, Cairo International Stadium, and Egyptian Presidential Palace. Nearby

Basma Hotel Aswan

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Description Location. Basma Hotel Aswan is located in Aswan, close to Nubian Museum, Unfinished Obelisk, and Mausoleum of the Aga Khan. Nearby points of interest also include

Cairo Moon Hotel

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Description   Location. New Cairo Moon Hotel is located in Cairo, close to Egyptian Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, and Coptic Museum. Nearby points of interest also include Khan el-Khalili and Cairo Tower. Hotel Features. The hotel serves a complimentary breakfast. New Cairo